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Flock Competition Results 2011

Our Annual Winter Social and Prize Presentation was held at the white hart Llandeilo.we all gathered for  a Carvery Lunch. 40 members friends and Families joined in the occasion.


This year competition was judged by Mark wakelin from wales and karl gill from ireland. they had a very busy two days looking at 11 different flock's.

see Results Below 


Best Home bred Ram

1st Wyn &  Siwan harries, 2nd arwel jones, 3rd Richards family, 4th caroline lewis 

Best ram used this season

1st owain jenkins, 2nd richards family, 3rd S harries, 4th brenda howell

best homebred ram lamb

1st james leonard, 2nd wyn & siwan harries, 3rd viv martin, 4th tom banning

Best shearling ewe


1st james leonard, 2nd viv martin, 3rd owain jenkins, 4th arwel jones


best group of shearling ewe's

1st james leonard, 2nd owain jenkins, 3rd arwel jones, 4th brenda howell


best ewe lamb

1st viv martin, 2nd wyn & siwan harries, 3rd brenda howell, 4th tom banning

'lily' our youngest of the day receives her award From Mark our judge

best group of ewe lambs

1st viv martin, 2nd wyn & siwan harries ,3rd brenda howell, 4th arwel jones


Best Small flock 

1st caroline lewis, 2nd s harries, 3rd viv martin, 4th arwel jones.

best large flock

1st wyn & siwan harries, 2nd richards family, 3rd owain jenkins, 4th brenda howell


Wales wool Cup Champion & reserve

Winner Brenda Howell Pictured Centre 


2011 Young handler

owain jenkins 


Pictured Above 'Most of the competitors that enterd the Flock Competition



Show & Sale at Llandovery 25th Septemebr 2011

At the recent  Sale ,allthough numbers were a bit low, we had a good clearance on all Stock.Judge of the Day was Robert Locker From Scotland, He Awarded his Champion to a January born Ram lamb, Hope Dingaling from Wyn & Siwan Harries Hope Flock, The Ram lamb went on to make Top price of the Jacob Section and Joint Top price of the Market Whole Coloured Breeds Sale of £800.Robert Awarded his reserve champion to A late march born ewe lamb from rachel latter of pencw flock. she was top price ewe lamb at £190.

Pictured above, Wyn Harries With The Champion ram lamb hope dingaling (left) Rachel Latter With reserve champion Pencw ewe lamb (centre) and on the right robert Locker the judge. 



Show results.



1st Richard Broad 2nd Kate jenkins


shearling ewe

1st wyn price 2nd wyn price


ewe lamb

1st rachel latter 2nd rhys francis 3rd arwel jones 4th w&S harries 5th w&S harries 6th w&s harries



1st wyn price

ram lamb

1st DW &SL Harries 2nd arwel jones 3rd Tom bannings 4th tom bannings 5th rachel latter 

Champion Ram lamb from w&s harries

reserve champion ewe lamb from rachel latter 

best homebred rosebowl went to the ram lamb 


 Welsh Sheep Make top Prizes at the Central Region Worcester Show And Sale 


At the recent Jacob Show and Sale at Worcester ,Top Awards were awarded to Two Wesh Homebred Sheep


 Supreme Champion of the day went to A Pentrenant Shearling Ewe from the Well known Pentrenant Flock of Jean Price, Reserve Champion Went to Hope Golden Boy a three year old Ram From another well known Flock from Wyn and Siwan Harries Hope Flock 



Royal Welsh 2011  

Champion went to Robert Price of the Pentre Flock With an aged Ewe And Reserve went to Wyn and Siwan of the Hope Flock with a Ewe Lamb.

Pictured above With the Judge Stephen Dodsworth.





Small Holder show at Builth Wells 21st and 22nd May 2011


With many breed stands on show this year and the competition getting hotter, it was of course an honour to win the Best Sheep Breed Stand.

Brenda and Derrick Worked hard on Friday to prepare the stand ,with Jacob sheep on display ,and different wool blankets, and sheep skin rugs to ties and woollen hats and a TV with sheep and Shepard photos slide show, Brenda spinning, and also  fresh Jacob meat, it all  looked fantastic.

Saturday came and judging was in progress from 9am. So an early start for Both Brenda and Derrick. By 2.15pm it was announced that the stand had won. A lovely Glass bowl and a nice Purple Rosette was handed to Brenda. Thanks to Brenda and Derrick and to all other members and family’s  for spending time on the stand aswell.

 The Winning Stand


Brenda spinning and the Meat display


Results are:

Ram Two Year Old and Over

1st DW & SL Harries, 2nd  DW & SL Harries, 3rd Owain Jenkins, 4th James Leonard, 5th Ryan Edwards


Shearling Ram

1st  Owain Jenkins, 2nd Owain Jenkins


Ewe Two Year old and over.

1st James Leonard, 2nd Emily Leonard, 3rd James Leonard


Shearling  Ewe

1st DW & SL Harries, 2nd  James Leonard, 3rd  Emily Leonard, 4th Owain Jenkins


Group of Three

 1st James Leonard


 Champion –Two Year old Ram from DW & SL Harries

Reserve – Shearling Ewe from DW & SL Harries


 Champion, Jasmine Henry from Wyn & Siwan - Margaret Lloyd Jones looks at her line up of Rams


Margaret inspects Owain Jenkins yearling rams - top 3 shearling ewes

1st Prize Group of 3 winners, the Leonard Family - Margaret presents her rosettes to the ewe class




Wales Region Open day and AGM 2011

A very Lovely day was held at the Wales open day, some 40 members friend and family attended during the day.

The day started at home of Viv Martin Llwyn flock, having been Reserve Small Flock in the Flock Competition. We were greeted by many of Viv’s family and friends where plenty of tee’s and coffee and biscuits were available. for us all to enjoy.  Its was great to see the Jacob sheep society President with us Stan Taylor. The sheep were all housed indoors due to the weather, following the flock visit we then moved onto the village hall for lunch, and a Wales Agm and meeting. We all then moved onto visit James Leonard Grove Flock. Having won the large flock in the Flock competition. Again we were greeted by James ‘s family who made all of us very welcome. James’ Jacobs and his newly established flock of Galloway sheep were on view . During the afternoon, Wales ‘S Field officer Mark Wakelin Held a judging seminar. Which give experienced and non experienced Shepherd’s a refresh on judging . we were presented a line up of shearling ewes. It then went onto a full discussion between the members, and how they would place them…. Then a talk was given from a jss member and a friend to the Leonard’s family,  the day finished back at Viv’s House where Chris Viv’s Husband  did a great job cooking us all a nice BBQ …..Many Thanks goes two both families for making it such a wonderful day..


Pictures from the Llwyn Flock


Pictures from the Grove Flock



Show Results 2011


Bancffosfelen-judge Lyn Jones
Champion & Reserve: wyn & Siwan Hope Flock 
Cardigan-Judge Jean Price
Champion& Reserve: Owain Jenkins Penni Bach 

Fishguard-Judge W Price
Champion: Owain Jenkins Penni Bach 

Reserve: R latter
Llangadog- Judge Lyn Jones 
Champion & Reserve:  Arwel Jones Celtic
Lampeter- Judge Lyndon Trumper

Champion & Reserve: Wyn & siwan Hope


Llanilar- Judge Robert Price

Champion & Reserve: Wyn & Siwan Hope Flock 


Hope Ewe lamb Champion at Llanilar Show 
Llanfynydd-Judge G L Jones

Champion: Rhys Francis Pistyll

Reserve: Arwel Jones Celtic

Pembrokeshire-Judge Mark Wakelin

Champion: Wyn & Siwan Hope Flock 

Reserve: Owain Jenkins Penni Bach 



Pictured Above,Judge Mark Wakelin Centre With his Champion Ewe lamb (right) from the Hope flock and Reserve Champion A Ewe from the Penni Bach Flock (left)

Above Young Handlers of the Pebs County Show, 1st Owain Jenkins, 2nd Rhys Jenkins 
Llandeilo- Judge Ron King

Champion: Owain Jenkins Penni Bach

Reserve: Arwel Jones Celtic 



Pictured Above With the Judge of the day Ron King, Are Owain Jenkins with his Champion Ram Lamb (Right) and Arwel Jones With his Reserve Champion Ewe Lamb (left)


Chepstow Show

Champion & Reserve: James Leonard Grove Flock

also Reserve Interbreed Champion



Champion:Arwel Jones Celtic

Reserve: Wyn & Siwan Hope 

Celtic Ewe Lamb From Arwel Jones Champion of The Show 


Tal y Bont -Judge Wyn Harries

Champion Arwel Jones 

Reserve Mark Wakelin 


Pictured: arwel jones Right , Judge Wyn harries centre and mark wakelin left 


Champion Viv Martin

Reserve James Leonard


Champion Philips Family

Reserve Kay Carpenter 


Wool Cup 2011 Congratulations to Brenda Howell for Winning the Wool cup at the recent Jacob Sheep Society AGM Weekend. Excellent Work


Brenda's winning exhibit

Wales Wool Cup

whilst entries are not needed until January 2012,NOW is the time to start thinking about it! select a good fleece, felt it, spin it ect and make something to enter in the wool cup please! if you want advice or help contact  brenda@owlscote.com , she will be very happy to help beginners and more experienced crafty people.



 Around the Region 2010

Flock Competition Prize Presentation 2010 


A lovely Prize presentation and Cavery lunch was organized on the 5th December  at the white hart llandeilo where 45 members friends & family gatherd.  Then following the lunch, the flock competition results were announced. A total of 13 flocks were judged by wyn and siwan harries, where they kindly gave up a few weekends to go around judging all the flocks. Click here for results.

Young handler prize went to Rhys Ffrancis. Second went to owen jenkins (below). 

Wyn harries presents Brenda Howell with her rosette for the best homebred ram (below)


Madge Hughes presents  her ward for the best shearling Ewe to Viv martin. This is Viv and Karen ‘s first time in the flock competition. They both had a successful one to remember (below)


Pictured (below) are the Banning Family New members to wales region. This is lily taking home their first rosette in the competition a 4th prize for the best ewe lamb competition.


Richard Broad (below) receives the first prize for the best ewe lamb in wales.


Wyn presents the award to Rhys Francis (below) who won the large flock and to Brenda Howell who came reserve.


Wyn (below) awards the best small flock to James Leonard Grove Flock. Picture with James is Viv Martin who had the reserve flock 




Llandovery Show and Sale 2010 


The Wales region held a  Jacob sheep sale at Llandovery market on the 26th September 2010. There was a show followed by a sale. Show was Kindly juged by Lesley Patrirge. A Very good Clerance over all on the  day.


Show Results


Ram - 1st :TJ & FP Price, 2ND V Wilson , 3rd Mark Waklin

Ram Lamb - 1st Philips Family, 2nd  DW & SL Harries, 3rd Richard Broad

Ewe two shear and over - 1st DW & SL Harries,2nd Robert Price,3rd Jean Price

Yearling Ewe - 1st DW & SL Harries, 2nd V Wilson, 3rd Brenda Howell

Ewe Lamb - 1st Jean Price, 2nd Robert Price 3rd Rachel Latter

Champion went to the  Ewe two shear and over and the reserve went to the Yearling ewe both from Wyn  and Siwan Harries Hope Flock

Pictued is the Judge Lesley Patrige  with her champion and reserve Champion of the  day

Pictured is the Champion Ewe from the Hope Flock, a Homebred 5year old ewe,  which achived the sale Top Price of 410 gns .


Wales Region Open Day 2010

 Our annual The Wales Region open day and AGM –Was held on Saturday June 5th 2010
We all met at the home of Arwel Jones’s Celtic flock at 10.30 am for Tea Coffee and Biscuits at this was then followed by a flock visit of the Jacob sheep together with a drive around their pedigree herd of Simmental Cattle. Following the farm walk lunch was held at the Penybont Llnafynydd where we all gather for a lovely meal; this was then followed by the Wales AGM.  Many thanks to Arwel & Family for organising the Open Day. 

Scenes from the Wales Region Open Day 2010 hosted by Arwel Jones & Family



RWAS 2010


A very Successful Royal Welsh Was held this year. The judge was Gordon Connor  from Scotland. The Overall championship went Wyn & Siwan with a homebred Shearling Ram Hope Rocky and the Reserve Champion went to the Philips family winning with a homebred Shearling Ewe.


Wyn Harries With Champion  Hope Rocky. Left, Cherie Philips Right With her Shearling ewe, Champion Group Went to The Hope flock Yet Again with Hope trio. 


Around the Shows - 2010 


Small Holders Show


 Pictured Above Champion Hope Rocky Shearling Ram from the Hope Flock (right) and Reserve Champion Philips Family with a Shearling Ewe, They were also the Group of three Winners 


Small Holders Show- Judge Ron King

Champion Wyn & Siwan Harries Hope Flock

Reserve Philips Family Highfield Flock

Group winners Philips Family


Bancffolsfelen Show- Judge D Richards

 Champion and Reserve - Wyn & Siwan Harries Hope Flock


Cardigan Show – Judge Wyn Harries

 Champion and Reserve – Rhys Francis Pistyll flock

Champion Was Rhys Francis Ram Lamb pictured above


Fishguard Show – judge G Davies

 Champion -Wyn & Siwan Harries Hope Flock

Reserve – Owain Jenkins


Llangadog Show- Judge Wyn Harries

 Champion – Arwel Jones Celtic Flock

Reserve- Owain Jenkins


St Mellons – judge Arwel Jones

 Champion- Philips Family Highfield Flock

Reserve – James Lenard Grove Flock


Lampeter show- Judge Mark Waklin

Champion & reserve Wyn and siwan harries Hope Flock


Llanilar Show

Champion & Reserve Wyn and siwan harries Hope Flock


Llanfynydd Show

Champion – Arwel Jones Celtic Flock

Reserve Champion- Rhys Francis – Pistyll Flock


Chepstow Show

Champion -Philips Family Highfield Flock

Reserve Champion - James Leonard Grove Flock


Pembrokeshire County Show – Judge Jackie Lewis

Champion Wyn & Siwan Harries Hope Flock

Reserve Rhys Francis Pistyll Flock

Picture of Champion ewe from the hope flock and Ram lamb from Pistyll flock


 Pictured are the Young Handlers Rhys Francis and Owen Jenkins



Llandeilo Show - judge Stan Taylor

Champion Rhys Francis Pistyll Flock

Reserve Arwel Jones Celtic Flock 


Monmouth show- judge Bridget Wilson.

 Champion & Reserve  - Philips Family- Highfield


Tal y Bont Show- Judge G Davies

 Champion -& Reserve – Mark Wakelin 

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