Society Structure

Elected and appointed officers and members of Council carry out the functions of the Society on behalf of the membership.

The Society is honoured to have HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy, KG, GCVO as our Patron. The President, Ron King is a long standing member of the Society and well known breeder from North Wales. The management and administration of the Society is dealt with by Council members in consultation with the Chairman, Clive Richardson and Vice Chairman, Marion Leithead.  The nuts and bolts of membership services and the flockbook registry is outsourced to Grassroots Systems Ltd.

The Council of the Society meets twice a year.

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You can view the most recent Council minutes here by clicking on following links:

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March 2010 Council Minutes       November 2010 Council Minutes

March 2011 Council Minutes       November 2011 Council Minutes

March 2012 Council Minutes       November 2012 Council Minutes

March 2013 Council Minutes       November 2013 Council Minutes

March 2014 Council Minutes       November 2014 Council Minutes

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March 2017 Council Minutes

                                                                        Patron HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy, KG, GCVO

Chairman Elect

Lyndon Trumper

Chairman & Journal Editor

Clive Richardson

 President Ron King

Field Officer Gordon Connor


 Treasurer Pat Black

Membership & Flock Registry Services
Grassroots Systems Ltd.  PO Box 251, Exeter, Devon, EX2 8WX
Tel 0300 111 0003 E-mail

South West Peter Gorringe

Southern Barley Gould


Central Lucy Thopmson

Wales Siwan Harries

acting Northern - Geoff Wood

Scotland Melanie Harper

Ireland Paul Colhoun

Eastern Lisa Adams

Joy King

Angela Gilbert


GaGavin Haworth


Marion Leithead

Peter Hunt

Barbara Webster

Anne Urwin


John Emberton


Jerry Strong

Robert Locker




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