Breed Promotion 

Regional Representatives across England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland are responsible for Breed Promotion within the Jacob Sheep Society. Our Merchandise Co-ordinator, Bob Bramley manages our on-line shop and merchandising selection. Regional Representative contact details can be found on the Regional Pages. Our Representatives and their Member colleagues activily promote the Jacob breed and encourage membership of the Society by various means. These include:

  • Staging breed promotion stands at major agricultural shows to promote the qualities of the breed and to advise prospective Jacob flock owners. Shows inlcude NSA events including Scotsheep and The Royal Welsh Spring Festival where the Society took the award for the best sheep breed trade stand for the second year in succession.
  • Producing articles for publication in the agricultural and smallholding press to promote Jacob sheep and the range of products derived from them. Advertisements are also placed in the Farmers Guardian and other publications.
  • Producing promotional literature and other documentation, which is distrubuted to the Regions to assist in the promotion of the Jacob breed.
  • To produce a range of merchandising products, which promote the Jacob breed. All of these prodcuts have a Jacob theme or are Jacob products such as wool ties. 
  • To plan and organise The Wool Cup at the Societie's annual AGM.

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