Appendix System

Alongside the pedigree flock book of registered Jacob Sheep, the society has an appendix register for sheep not pedigree, but producing selected stock to be inspected and introduced into the flock book.

The appendix register was used extensively in the early days of the Society as a way of introducing genes into the breed gene pool and keeping the provenance of the breed and compliance with the breed standard. Latterly, the appendix register has been used occasionally and under strict guidelines to ensure that provenance and genealogy is maintained.

Appendix sheep and their progeny are assessed before being allowed into the Appendix Register. Sheep that conform to the breed standard are known as Appendix B or Foundation ewes. When crossed with a Pedigree ram can produce Appendix A progeny. Only females out of Appendix B ewes can enter the appendix register. When Appendix A ewes are crossed with a Pedigree ram, female progeny which comply with the breed standard are then designated as registered and can enter the main flock book. A Judge appointed by the Field Officer always carries out assessment of these unregistered sheep applying for Appendix B (foundation) status.

The rules for entry into the flock book have now been reviewed. If you are interested in discussing the Appendix Register, in the first instance you should contact the Society’s Field Officer, Mr Gordon Connor, for the most up to date information or to download & read written guidelines on the Appendix system, please click here.

The following forms are required;

For ewes applying for grade B status download and complete APP B forms

For ewe lambs from grade B and A ewes download and complete FB forms

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